Ultimate BIAS : L(Kim Myungsoo)
2nd Ultimate BIAS: Park Chanyeol (Happy Virus)
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only stupid ppl bash on a group because of some connection w/ there “oppars”. ” Apink is a trashy group! ” , first of all , I’m pretty sure you don’t know what trashy is, Second of all, are you 10?. ” apink is fake / plastic”  excuse me dumbass but no ones here is fake but chuu & learn facts b4 you insult. K? . ohh this ones my fave. “Apink Sucks, who is they?” ….no… they don’t. use correct grammar !. don’t say someone sucks when you barely know who they are. &  can you guys please stop threating us with  your saesang crap. What the fck are they going to do? attack apink? WRONG. they can’t & will. not. NO NEED TO GET MAD. mabey its just the bondment of Eunji & Suho because if you did know They dubbed a movie together which gives them time to be close to one another .

fact : I’m a exopink shipper but that doesn’t mean shit.

so shut up with your complaining asses & just the groups be.




beilbers are hiding from embarrassment because they didn’t search up their facts before bashing SNSD , not knowing that there one of the most successful groups/artist in the fucking universe.

every time I think of kpop-haters , I’m just like “are you that pathetic?”.

Girls Generation is a girl group that has been in the music industry since 2007, Justin Bieber just started like 3/2yrs ago.
Of-course they would win, you guys actually thought you had a chance??

To me it wasn’t a competition, It was like getting award w/ no other nominees because how could they not lose? It was pretty obvious.

oh and , beliebers, you guys can stop, it’ll only make up look down to you.

I am seriously sobbing!!DONGHO OPPAA!

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